Giving away party favors at your baby shower is an excellent way to show your appreciation for the support your guests provide you as you are preparing for a new family member to enter the world. Consider saying thanks by putting together party favor kits full of goodies that can be used by guests to enhance their everyday lives. Here are three ideas that your guests are sure to appreciate:

A Gift of Energy

If your guests are like most people, they're probably pretty busy throughout the week. Gifting them with a party favor bag full of energy enhancing goodies is something they'll surely appreciate once they're back in their regular routine at home. Purchase a few bags of fresh organic coffee for sale online and separate the beans into small tins to put in each guests' goody bag. Include three tins each with a different variety in the bags so guests can sample different flavors. Add a few tea bags and some energy bars to the mix for variety, and your party favor goody bags will be ready to go!

Something Soothing

Help your guests relax when they head back home with a goody bag filled full of soothing goods. Include a CD of nature sounds to play when it's otherwise quiet, a couple of candles to light near the bathtub, some bath crystals for soaking in, and an eye pad designed to soothe bags and irritation. You can even include a crossword puzzle book for a little fun while soaking in the bathtub. A small box of chocolates is a great way to ensure that snacks are taken care of when your guests take advantage of an afternoon spent in the bathtub.

For a Night Out

Give your guests a little encouragement to let loose and spend a night out on the town sometime after the baby shower by providing them with a gift bag full of stuff they can use to enjoy a night out with friends or family. Include a bottle of bubbly and some plastic champagne glasses to get their night started, a gift certificate for an outfit rental so they can dress up for the occasion, and tickets to a community fund raising concert or other event that's inexpensive. It's also a good idea to include a tin of coffee beans in this gift bag as mentioned before, so guests can enjoy a cup at the end of their night out.

These party favor ideas are sure to surprise your guests and make them remember your baby shower for some time to come.