Coming up with unique and thoughtful gifts at Christmas time can be difficult, and that is why a lot of people choose to make handmade gifts for people. There are a lot of different things you could make to give away, but making homemade chocolates is a great idea. If you have never done this before, a good place to start is by using molds. Here are some tips to help you learn how to make delicious molded chocolate candies to give as gifts.

Buy The Right Supplies

Making molded chocolates is not hard, but you will need the right supplies. The two main things you will need to purchase are plastic molds and melting chocolate. You can purchase molds in a variety of different Christmas shapes, and you can purchase melting chocolate in many varieties. If desired, purchase several different types of molds and chocolates before you begin.

Melt The Chocolate And Pour In The Molds

To begin making molded candies, you will need to make sure your molds are clean and completely dry. Chocolate does not mix well with water, which is why your molds need to be dry. If water gets in the chocolate, it will cause the chocolate to instantly harden.

When you melt the chocolate, you will need to make sure you place it in a microwavable bowl. You should heat the chocolate for 30 seconds and then stir. You will have to repeat this step as many times as you need to so that the chocolate is smooth and melted completely. Once you have achieved the right state, simply pour the chocolate in the molds.

Next, place the molds in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to help them harden. Once they are hard, simply twist the molds to loosen the candies and pour them out.

Add Some Variety

Making plain chocolates is a good place to start, but you can also get creative by adding some other ingredients to your melted chocolate. For example, you could add crushed rice cereal to the melted chocolate to add crunch and flavor to your molded candies. This works great when using milk chocolate.

Another variety to consider is adding crushed candy cane pieces to white melting chocolate. This gives a peppermint taste that is very delicious. You could also add many other ingredients to create your own mixtures, such as chopped nuts, candies, or cereals.

Package Them

To turn your candy treats into gifts, you could purchase small candy boxes to put them in. You could tie a ribbon around each box and place a bow on the top, and you will then have the perfect gifts to give away.

Making candies is not hard to do, but it is not something that everyone enjoys. If you do not want to give this a try, you could always order Christmas chocolate gifts from a store like Mindy's Munchies LLC to give to your friends and family members.