If you are new to drinking tea, all the choices available at the store can seem overwhelming. However, all of those tea choices can typically be broken down into four different categories. Once you know what the four categories are, it will be easier for you to determine what type of loose leaf tea you should purchase and drink.

#1 Herbal & Fruit Teas

Herbal and fruit teas are highly popular, especially if you are buying tea that is already bagged, although you can also find loose leaf herbal and fruit teas. What is important to realize is that technically speaking, herbal and fruit teas are not technically considered teas because they do not come from the same plant as other teas. It is kind of like how only champagne that comes for the region in Champagne, France is considered "real" champagne and everything else is considered "sparkling wine." 

Herbal and fruit teas are great if you want a sweeter aroma and flavor to your tea. These teas generally have a sweet, if often slightly bitter, taste to them.

#2 Rooibos Tea

Like herbal and fruit teas, rooibos is technically not considered a tea but a tea infusion. This is because the it is made out of the twigs and leaves from the rooibos bush instead of the leaves from a tea plant. Rooibos tea is very popular in many areas of the world where the rooibus bush grows and has spread outside of those regions as well. If you like a nutty and sweet taste, this is the tea that you should try. 

#3 Green Tea

Green tree originated in Asia but has become extremely popular in the West. It is made out of young, small tea leaves that have not gone through an oxidation process. This helps produce a tea that has a very light, greenish color, hence the name.

Green tea has kind of an earthy taste that is often equated with seaweed and grass. It mixes well with other flavors, and is often infused with fruit flavors as well as herb flavors. 

#4 Black Tea

Black tea is one of the most popular types of tea in the United States. Black tea is created from tea leaves that have been picked, dried, rolled, shredded, and then oxidized. A lot of work goes into preparing tea leaves so that they can be used to create tea. 

Black tea has a stronger, bolder flavor than green tea. The flavor can vary greatly, but different varieties of black tea have been know to have smoky, earthy, spicy, nutty, and caramel undertones.

When trying to figure out the type of tea that you enjoy, think about other flavors and scents that you like and try teas that have similar profiles. Additionally, if possible, try loose leaf tea instead of bagged tea. Loose leaf tea will allow you to more naturally experience the true flavors of the tea that you are drinking. For more information, contact local professionals like Diehl's Real Teas.