There are a lot of uses for honey. As a natural sweetener, it is hard to beat. The flavor and color of the honey may change from area to area, but otherwise, all honey is basically the same. Honey is produced by bees from nectar that they gather from local flowers and plants. Because of this, there are some regional benefits as well as general benefits that natural raw honey can offer you and your family.

How Is The Honey Made?

The truth is, honey might not sound appealing when you consider how it is produced, but it has some wonderful properties that might make you forget the production method. Honey is made when bees swallow and digest the nectar they gather. They regurgitate the mixture to another bee in the colony and that bee in turn passes it along to another until the nectar is broken down into what we see as honey. The last bee in line puts the honey into the honeycomb for storage and later use. House bees fan the honey to evaporate as much water from the honey as possible, then they seal the comb with beeswax to keep the honey inside fresh.

Why Do Bees Make Honey?

Honey is made by bees as a way to sustain themselves through the long winter when there are no flowers or plants growing. Honey is highly effective in keeping the bees feed all winter long but they produce much more than the colony needs. As a result, humans have found that most of the honey can be taken out of the hive and as long as there is enough left behind for the bees, the colony will not miss it.

Some Benefits Of Raw Honey

Honey produced by bees in your area can have some wonderful benefits for you and your family. The nectar used to produce the honey is gathered from local flowers and plants and since bees do not filter the honey, some of the nectar is left behind. For people with seasonal allergies, this small amount of nectar can act like an immunization of sorts and help reduce the effects of the pollens on you. There are also some antioxidants in raw honey that are thought to prevent some cancers, and the honey has an anti-bacterial property to it because of the enzymes that the bees add to it. Raw honey also helps maintain glycogen levels, making it great for athletes and increases in energy. While not everyone likes honey, there are some great reasons to consider using it as a sweetener for your coffee or tea or use it in your cooking.  And next time you see a honey bee, say thank you, don't swat it away.

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