If you prepare cannabis-based vape products, either for yourself or for sale, you are probably looking for ways to set your own products apart from the many others that are available. One option is to add terpenes to your blend. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis its distinct scent and flavor. There is a great variety in the flavors of terpenes depending on what strain of weed they are obtained from. For example, those obtained from Pineapple Express marijuana taste different than those obtained from Sour Diesel.

So, what are the actual benefits of including terpenes in your vape products? Here are a few.

Terpenes help enhance the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

THC and CBD get all of the attention when it comes to the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. However, various terpenes have different therapeutic properties, too, and can enhance the effects of your products. Pineapple Express terpenes, for example, are known to help relax and ease anxiety. Green Crack terpenes are known to be energizing, with an effect similar to caffeine. With terpenes, you can create different cannabis blends for different purposes, which helps you enjoy the full range of benefits this plant has to offer.

Terpenes add to the vaping experience.

One complaint among those who vape is that it's not a very authentic experience in comparison to smoking. Of course, some people like that their vape liquids taste nothing like cannabis, but there are definitely those who seek a more authentic experienced. Terpenes make vaping seem more like smoking, but in a good way. You get more of that "weed" flavor, but not the harsh smoke.

Terpenes may help the effects of your vape products last longer.

There are some terpenes, such as alpha-Pinene, that are known to mellow the effects of THC while also making it last longer. This can be really beneficial if you are using your vape products for therapeutic reasons, rather than recreationally. You can vape a bit more and enjoy more profound pain relief, anxiety relief, and so forth without also getting extra high.

Adding terpenes to your vape products will not only set them apart from the crowd, but it will also add to the therapeutic benefits of the experience while making your vape liquids taste more authentic. Start experimenting with various terpenes from different strains to see which ones you like best.

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