If you're like many of those who've recently joined the ranks of fully-fledged adults, you're probably new to hosting dinner parties — and perhaps you're a bit intimidated by the prospect of doing so. After all, hosting a successful dinner party is considered one of the essential rites of passage to adulthood in many circles, and even if that doesn't matter to you, you nonetheless probably want your guests to have a nice time when they come to your home for dinner. 

Throwing a fabulous dinner party is more than simply preparing the best possible food and serving good wine. There are several small touches that bring an average dinner party over the line from so-so to memorable in a good way. The following are just three of the many ways you can give your dinner party the kind of final layer of polish that won't fail to impress. 

Unscented Candles

One of the biggest mistakes those who are hosting their first dinner parties make is using scented candles on the table because they erroneously believe that these add to the ambiance. However, scented candles interfere with the sense of smell, which in turn interferes with the sense of taste — and this can cause the food you serve to have an off-taste. Unscented candles also won't create a cloying atmosphere in smaller spaces such as bathrooms and foyers.

Buy a Gourmet Dessert

Unless you're employed as a pastry chef in a 5-star restaurant, you may be better off purchasing a gourmet dessert from a local specialty outlet. The best kinds of desserts are extremely difficult to replicate in home kitchens because they generally require specialized tools and techniques — not to mention a great deal of time, which most busy people in your position don't have. 

Say it With Flowers 

Edible flowers used to be a staple of elegant dinner parties in Victorian England, and they've been making a comeback on better tables recently. Edible orchids make an excellent garnish choice because they'll make any plate of food look as if it's meant to be served to kings and queens, but they're good for more than just show — you can toss them in salads, float them in soups just before serving, or even freeze them in ice cubes for use in cocktails. You can even strew them across the table for decoration or use them to add a deliciously piquant note to your appetizer tray. 

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