When people think about food wholesalers, they automatically think of restaurants. While wholesalers do supply restaurants, ordinary people can also take advantage of the deep discount offered by wholesale suppliers. If you drink coffee on a daily basis, you should consider buying your beans from a wholesale coffee supplier. Here are four compelling reasons to make the change:

1. Coffee is nonperishable.

Wholesale coffee suppliers sell coffee in bulk. You'll need to buy at least five pounds of coffee when purchasing from a wholesale supplier. However, the coffee keeps very well. Freeze any coffee you don't plan to use immediately, and it will stay fresh for months. Vacuum sealing your coffee can help to further preserve freshness.

2. Choose whole or ground beans.

Whole roasted coffee beans offer the best flavor. Less surface area is exposed to oxygen when beans are kept whole, so they stay fresh for longer. However, some people prefer to buy their coffee pre-ground for convenience. When you order from a wholesaler, you can specify how you'd like your coffee prepared. If you plan to use your coffee in an espresso machine, you can request a finely ground bag of coffee. If you use a French press or intend to prepare your coffee in several different ways, an all-purpose grind may suit you better.

3. Take advantage of freshly roasted coffee beans.

When you buy coffee from the grocery store, you have no idea how long it's been sitting there. Some coffee is packaged weeks in advance, and it may sit in the grocery store for several more weeks before it's purchased. Wholesale coffee suppliers receive their coffee beans fresh from the source, and many of them roast their own beans in-house. When you order from a wholesaler, you're cutting out the middleman. That means your coffee beans will be as fresh as possible when they're delivered to your door.

4. Stop running out of coffee.

Households with multiple coffee drinkers may find that they run out of coffee too quickly. Coffee is typically sold in eight or ten-ounce bags when you buy it in the grocery store. One bag will hardly last a week if you're a serious coffee drinker. Running to the grocery store to replenish your supply can become a hassle. When you order coffee from a wholesale supplier, you'll have the option to buy five pounds of coffee or more. This supply can last most households at least a month, which can cut down on routine errands.