Running an ice cream truck business sounds like a lot of fun, and it certainly can be. However, it is also a lot more work than most people expect when going into it. You can run a successful and profitable ice cream truck business. But you're going to have to work at it and be savvy. Here are a few tips to help you succeed. 

Attend fairs, festivals, and food truck events

You might imagine that you'd spend most of your hours driving down streets and waiting for customers in the neighborhoods to come to buy ice cream. Likely, you can do a portion of your business this way. Being able to roll down the streets and attract customers is a big part of the appeal of having an ice cream truck! But to be profitable, you will probably need to attend plenty of food truck events, too. Fairs, festivals, and other events are an opportunity to sell a lot of ice cream at one time. They are also an opportunity to get your name out there and gain recognition among potential customers.

Keep your menu small

Resist the urge to order every flavor your vendor offers or every type of ice cream bar on the list. Having too many products will make it harder for customers to choose. It will also make it harder for you to keep track of inventory, which means your paperwork will take longer and you're more likely to end up with expired, wasted products. Keep your list small, and you'll spend less time tracking things. Plus, customers will come to know what they can expect from you and will come craving certain items, which increases demand.

Have a plan for the off-season

In most areas, there is an off-season ice cream business, and maybe even food trucks as a whole. Chances are, you won't make enough sales to warrant staying open in the winter. So, have a plan for this time. Plan on taking your truck to a warmer state during the off-season. Or, start selling more winter-friendly desserts, like cookies and candies, for the winter. Having a plan going in keeps the winter from seeming so long and quiet.

With the tips above, you can operate an ice cream truck successfully. Remember to take advantage of local fairs and festivals, plan for the off-season, and keep your menu small and more manageable. You can do it!

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