A salsa fundraiser may be a hit at an open house or another community event that draws people together. Use some innovative ways to market the salsa products that you are featuring. Then, give your visitors the opportunity to purchase products that will yield you proceeds for the cause that you are promoting. 

A Food Sampling Station

Set up a food sampling station that contains dishes that will pair well with salsa products. Use mild, medium, and hot salsa varieties to showcase the dishes that are going to be showcased through the sampling station. Tacos, enchiladas, tortilla chips, and salads are some items that you can add to your sampling station's menu. Use a few extra salsa products that you have purchased to accommodate the guests who will be frequenting your function.

Keep the salsa products in their original packaging. This will allow your guests to view the ingredients and other pertinent details that pertain to each salsa variety. Be prepared to handle sales on the spot, in case some of the people who taste foods from the sampling station would like to purchase one of the salsa products that you are selling to raise money for the fundraiser.

Informational Posters

Picking up and viewing a product will provide a viable means of knowing what type of production methods and ingredients went into manufacturing a salsa item. It may not, however, be convenient for you to wait on your potential customers to do this. One way that you can instantly increase brand awareness is by using informational posters to market the salsa products and the fundraiser that you are promoting.

First, decide what type of business you would like to purchase salsa through. You may choose a company that sells salsa products that contain farm fresh ingredients, or a company that professes that no chemicals have been added to the components they use to create each item in their product line. Next, order the products that you would like to sell when your fundraiser is active.

Use the packaging and other informational details that you have acquired through the company you bought the salsa through, to guide you in creating custom posters. Use bold colors and letters when creating each poster. Hang the posters up in an area where your guests will be spending time. Your advertisements may gain attention throughout the community event that you are hosting. This attention could ultimately result in you selling many of the salsa products that you are promoting.