Beef jerky is a great snack food. Unfortunately, some people believe misinformation about beef jerky that discourages them from enjoying this versatile snack. It's important to be accurately informed about beef jerky so that you can keep satisfying snack foods available at home and on the road. 

The following are six things that you shouldn't assume when it comes to beef jerky

Beef jerky doesn't have any nutritional value.

You shouldn't avoid beef jerky because you think it only provides empty calories. The truth is that beef jerky does contain some important nutrients such as protein. Beef jerky is also known to contain folate, iron, calcium, and more. 

Beef jerky is not enjoyable to eat.

Some people assume that beef jerky is a dry, flavorless, and unappetizing snack that they won't enjoy eating. You should definitely try beef jerky before making this assumption. Beef jerky can actually be rich in delicious flavors.

You'll probably like how beef jerky tastes If you like the taste of meat and seasonings such as brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and red pepper flakes. 

Beef jerky contains unhealthy amounts of sodium.

While there is a lot of sodium in beef jerky, this isn't a problem if beef jerky is consumed in moderation. Beef jerky doesn't have as much sodium as many other food items out there. If you're concerned about the sodium content of beef jerky, you can choose a low-sodium variety of beef jerky to minimize sodium intake.  

You'll get fat if you eat beef jerky.

If you're on a diet, this doesn't mean that you can't enjoy beef jerky. Beef jerky can actually be a good snack food for those who are trying to lose weight since it is fairly low in carbohydrates. You can eat beef jerky if you are following a keto diet and avoiding carbohydrates to lose weight. 

Beef jerky is not satisfying.

Some people think that beef jerky isn't as satisfying as a lot of other snack foods out there since it is not a bulky food. However, the protein that beef jerky contains can actually have a filling effect that satisfies you when you're eating snacks. 

Beef jerky is unnatural.

Consumers may think that beef jerky is mostly made up of fillers and substances that are not natural. Actually, a high-quality beef jerky snack mostly contains real meat. While beef jerky might contain a preservative to keep it fresh, beef jerky is still mostly made from natural substances.